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We are open and we can offer FACE TO FACE appointments.  Lynley, Simon Carol, Roisin, Callum and Neil all have appointments available.

We have very strict infection control procedures in place to keep you and us safe.  This includes use of PPE and strict cleaning procedures between each patient.   Our new way of working also includes talking to you about your individual circumstances and completing a risk assessment in collaboration with you.  This means that we can ensure that the benefit of face to face treatment outweighs the risk of coming into the clinic for your appointment.  If you feel uncomfortable with a face to face appointment, we are still able to offer a virtual online appointment.  This is especially important if you have been shielding and would like to continue doing so.

Please phone us and talk to our Physiotherapists about the best appointment type for you.  We are happy to help.  Please note that our web booking service is currently unavailable.



Corporate Clients

A fit and healthy workforce is essential to running a successful business.

However, in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics, “More than 30 million work days were lost due to back, neck and muscle pain in 2013”.

Managing sickness absence may also become much more important for employers in the future as changes are brought in restricting an employer’s ability to reclaim statutory sick pay.

Fortunately physiotherapy treatment can ensure a quicker and safer return to work for your employees. Good physiotherapy management of musculoskeletal pain can reduce symptoms and increase function for the individual, allowing them to resume their normal duties more quickly. A physiotherapist can also advise a company regarding gradual return to work or give impartial advice as to what extent an employee should be, for example, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying or driving.

At Garstang Physiotherapy Clinic, we already provide occupational services to national commercial intermediaries as well as to several local businesses. Typically, a company will refer an employee for assessment and we will see that person within 48 hours. An assessment report will be provided to the employee’s manager detailing diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options and times as well as guidance on the employee’s ability to work. Treatment will then follow, assuming consent is gained from both the employee and employer, and a discharge report will be provided at the end of treatment. Our goal is always to return referred employees to their pre-injury state and their normal duties as quickly and safely as possible.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer flexible and personal services to our clients. We can offer appointments in the evenings to reduce missed work hours and already have systems in place to communicate both with the patient directly and with their manager or HR department. We are able to offer a service tailored to the needs of your business and your employees, taking into account your business type and size as well as budget. Please call or email the clinic to discuss the requirements for your business.

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