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Home Visit Service

We are now able to offer home/domicillary visits.  This service is aimed at our more elderly customers for whom walking/travelling has become very difficult or to people who have recently had surgery.  We are able to offer home visits within an approx 20-30 minute radius of Garstang (see details below)

Who/What we can treat

  • People with mobility issues (eg difficulty walking or getting up and down the stairs)
  • People following recent surgery
  • People with a limited abilty to travel
  • Falls Prevention
  • Balance issues
  • People in residential/nursing homes


Home visits cost £70 for an hour’s assessment.  Treatment sessions are at the same rate but may be shorter depending upon the patient’s needs.

We do not charge for travel time/expenses within Garstang itself but will add an additional charge (£9) for the surrounding area (eg St Michaels, Scorton, Catterall) and £14 for the wider area (eg Gt Eccleston, Over Wyre, Dolphinholme)

Please give the clinic a call to discuss a home visit on 01995 608777


Prices at Garstang Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment: £47
Follow Up: £47
Home Visit: £70 (60minutes) £52.50(45minutes) £35 (30minutes)
Travel to/from Home Visit: £9/14 depending on distance

Pilates Class Induction: £27
Pilates 1:1 (individual instruction for 30mins): £34
Please contact the clinic to discuss your requirements for Pilates 1:1 classes.
Teaching of small groups by arrangement, please contact the clinic.

Pilates classes : £10 per class (bookable in blocks for example 6 week block £60)

Pilates Zoom Online Class: £7 per class (bookable in blocks for example 6 week block £36)

Reformer Pilates: £19 per class (bookable in monthly blocks for example 4 week block £68)

If you are unsure which type of appointment you will need, please contact us and we will be happy to help you book the right appointment.

If you are confident to make your own appointment, try our online booking system today.

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